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Hovac's History

Hovac, "Any Time, Any Place"

HOVAC develops and manufactures smart products for storing and transporting food and drinks so they can be consumed at any time in any place.
This improves your quality of life! Our mission is translated into a wide range of products: insulating flasks, insulating jugs, insulating teapots, food carriers, airpots and related products. We pay a lot of attention to product development and new ideas.   

Our own manufacturing facilities, know-how, service, flexibility and product development have all contributed to our succes and are the reason why Hovac Belgium is todays market leader in Belgium and France. The succesful integration into the Keter group in 1998 has been the start of a new dynamism through the company. This is translated into new products and new opportunities.


The real founder of our business was in fact a phycisian, James Dewar (1842-1924). At the end of the 19th century, Dewar tried with experiments to reach 0 Kelvin, the absolute point-zero at which atoms stop moving. For this he invented the 'Dewar Flask' which can be considered as the pioneer vacuum flask. In 1904 the first vacuum flasks were sold commercially.


In the year 1946 Arthème Dejardin starts his company Mecanauto (Mechanique Automatique) which is specialized in the development and the manufacturing of semi-automatic glass blowing machines. Soon after, the company starts manufacturing double-wall vacuum refills and together with that complete vacuum flasks under the brand Hovac.


With the introduction of plastics, Mecanauto decides to use this new and "low-cost" material and from that point on, all parts, with the exception of the glass-fillers, are made of plastic. When the founder, Arthème Dejardin, passes away in 1974, the company is continued under the guidance of his son Serge Dejardin who continues to expand the company in the following years.


By lack of a succesor in 1998, the company is sold and integrated into Keter, a group of plastic manufacturing companies, providing new opportunities and advantages in economies of scale.

Hovac Belgium has come a long way since 1946 and can look back at a rich history. The story has just begun.

HOVAC Belgium, your partner in vacuumware

.    Vacuumware: Hovac is THE specialist when it comes to vacuumware.


.    Manufacturer: having developed and manufactured vacuumware for over 60 years,  Hovac has built up an enormous amount of know-how in this area. Manufacturing close to our customers base does not only allow us to be fully flexible but also helps to maintain a high standard of quality.


.    Retail and private label: Due to an efficient distribution network and a wide product range, Hovac items find their way onto the shelves of retailers, large and small, throughout Europe and thanks to our local production and high level of flexibility, more than 40% of our production is sold under private label.


.    Quality: Quality remains a "top on the list" priority in Hovac. Having implemented specific quality assurance systems within our vacuumware production, our consumers are guaranteed to have many years of satisfaction from the usage of our products. To this end, each and every Hovac product is individually tested on its heat retention. Our full range complies with the EU norms and all requirements for food safety. Our aim is to anticipate and to eliminate any possible defect.

Hot. Cold. Any time. Any place.