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We are sustainably "green" by nature. Our challenge: Provide our clients with more, while having less environmental impact.

Intelligent products
Our products are economical but also ecological!
They are designed and packaged to ensure they use the least amount of material and space possible, and to be easy to ship.
Thanks to our products' thermal insulation technology food and beverages stay hot or cold for a very long time. This saves on energy as well as producing additional waste such as plastic cups in a coffee machine or aluminium foil for protecting your food.
Our products are of high quality and can be reused infinitely.

The composition of our products
Most of our product components and packaging can be recycled.
We use raw materials intelligently: we use certified virgin raw materials for items which are in contact with food.
Our products do not contain Bisphenol A.
Our products are compliant with the strictest of European standards.

Our production processes and storage are optimised
We recycle our waste.
Our management of utilities (water, electricity) is optimised for maximum efficiency. We are located in Belgium, close to our core markets, so as to reduce CO² emissions to a minimum.
Hot. Cold. Any time. Any place.