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Hovac was founded in 1946. Over the years we have grown to become a leading manufacturer of thermally insulated products for food and beverages.

With design and technical development completely under own control, Hovac has built up an extensive product range. 

Together with our own production and assembly unit, service, flexibility and uncompromising quality control are the keys to our success. With innovating products adapted to the lifestyle of the modern consumer, we try to make our clients’ lives easier. Let them enjoy a comforting hot or refreshing cool drink, wherever, whenever.

Hovac. Any time, Any place.



Double Wall Glasses

The perfect match between design and functionality.

Hovac’s double wall g

lasses are made of high quality borosilicate glass which resists to extreme 





Really light but solid, they keep your drinks hot or cold for 

a longer time. Plus they make them look awesome!







Our double wall insulating teapots are hand made.

Two layers of high quality stainless steel or borosilicate glass and also cast iron wall assure to keep your tea hot for a longer time. The different models go along with different surroundings and atmospheres.

Tea drinking happens in real style.



Insulating Flasks


Vacuum flasks go with ‘Active People’.

They want to be taken along on holiday or to work. On a picnic or hiking. The ‘Hot n’ Cool’ is ‘very cool’ and the functional Kontiki is a good workmate. 

The Goldstar is a stylish partner and the Country is a real companion. You can take the Adventurer with you anywhere, while the unbreakable Savana is cut for heavy duty work. Last but not least, you will not be able to do without our Wave bottle anymore after having discovered its functional design and its incredibly innovative features!


Insulating Mugs
Essential accessories, our insulated mugs can be taken everywhere, completely leak free, they are really practical on the way to work, holidays or for hiking. 

Our Savana model with silicon grip is particularly clever with its large capacity of 0.5L.

The Travel mug fits all coffee machines and in particularly those with pads, it also fits in every car cup holder.
Insulating Jugs
Our vacuum jugs will last a life time. Any time there’s a pleasant get-together around a table they suddenly occupy a central place in our lives.

So choose the right vacuum jug for the right occasion. Hovac offers jugs in several sizes and colours, opaque or transparent, plastic or stainless steel. For everyday use or for special occasions.
Insulating Airpots
For a greater handling facility our airpots have a rotary base and a pumping system which makes it possible to fill an entire cup with only one press. They are also equipped with a strong ergonomic handle.

As for our model Roma Professional 2,2L, is made of double wall stainless steel, which makes it considerably more compact and solid.

A real must for daily use!
Insulating Food Keepers


Food flasks are just what ‘Active People’ need.

Today’s consumers can find just about anything they want with Hovac. The plastic version with double-walled glass refill protected internally against shocks or the unbreakable double-walled stainless steel version for ‘very active people’.



Insulating Lunch Bags
Our insulated bags allow active people to transport their lunch in all circumstances at any time. The aluminum coating and PU foam keeps your home prepared lunch fresh.

The Escape model will delight innovative people with its avantgarde look, while Urban will be more discrete.
Hot. Cold. Any time. Any place.